Tag: skills

  • I’m trying to find a path that feels natural to me, not ‘something that I’m good at’.

    On getting hung up on the obvious, doing what is expected and adjusting to fit. Making a career out of something that you think you’re good at is an obvious choice. It seems like the easiest and sensible thing to do. So you invest time and money into it, not forgetting the emotional and physical […]

  • Growing as a Solopreneur

    Stay on track with a daily routine and basic marketing  The reality of being the boss and having to make the product yourself too, can be overwhelming. Follow these basics to keep you on track everyday. Daily planner – digital or analog Whether you’re into a digital or analog version, checking off a to-do list […]

  • Making the most of the skills you already have

    In the last twelve months I’ve flitted between trying to become a pro photographer, fine artist, web designer, web developer, mobile web designer, after effects illustrator, natural foods chef, food blogger and rockstar graphic design freelancer. I think that’s the lot. If I left anything off it wouldn’t matter. All this hustle outside of my […]

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