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  • Hourly rates and the value of it

    Never tell people how long something takes you to do. Instead, tell them how much the product is worth and what they need to pay for it. Just because something takes you twenty minutes to create, doesn’t mean you need to charge them for twenty minutes only. More than likely it took you a short […]

  • Saving money – what skill set do you have right now?

    Instead of hustling to acquire the latest and greatest skill that’ll make you rich and realise your passion – hold on to your cash and make use of the skills and knowledge you’ve already been using. Skills you know you have College degree; Short learning course; DIY; Skills training acquired on the job; Manifested talent; […]

  • Moving out of the city in order to travel back there.

    A few months ago I moved out of the city centre after 8 years and 7 months. It was fun to be near the daytime and nighttime spots. I saved fuel because everything was a five minute walk in any direction. Full-time employed work was literally around the corner and down the road. Then everything […]

  • The Searcher and The Striver

    Which one are you? The Searcher is generous You are non-judgemental. When you search for answers it means you don’t think you know everything. When you encounter others who are searching, especially for the same things, you are more likely to share your discoveries with them.  The Striver is competitive You are a hustler and […]

  • I’m trying to find a path that feels natural to me, not ‘something that I’m good at’.

    On getting hung up on the obvious, doing what is expected and adjusting to fit. Making a career out of something that you think you’re good at is an obvious choice. It seems like the easiest and sensible thing to do. So you invest time and money into it, not forgetting the emotional and physical […]

  • How I learnt to love design again.

    Not too long ago as a designer, I didn’t know how to do a lot of things: I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t have a point of view. I didn’t know what was ‘nice’ and what was shit. What made me love design again was looking at things that did not blatantly embrace perfectionism. […]

  • “I don’t have a product ‘cos I don’t know what I stand for.”

    Something I grappled with when I realised what I was selling was different to what I valued and I needed to uncover how to align them. What do you stand for? Sounds corny. Maybe, but useful in this discussion. Its tied to your passion – what drives you creatively, what type of business person you […]

  • Growing as a Solopreneur

    Stay on track with a daily routine and basic marketing  The reality of being the boss and having to make the product yourself too, can be overwhelming. Follow these basics to keep you on track everyday. Daily planner – digital or analog Whether you’re into a digital or analog version, checking off a to-do list […]

  • Making the most of the skills you already have

    In the last twelve months I’ve flitted between trying to become a pro photographer, fine artist, web designer, web developer, mobile web designer, after effects illustrator, natural foods chef, food blogger and rockstar graphic design freelancer. I think that’s the lot. If I left anything off it wouldn’t matter. All this hustle outside of my […]

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