Saving money – what skill set do you have right now?

Instead of hustling to acquire the latest and greatest skill that’ll make you rich and realise your passion – hold on to your cash and make use of the skills and knowledge you’ve already been using.

Skills you know you have

College degree; Short learning course; DIY; Skills training acquired on the job; Manifested talent;

Skills you don’t know you have

Sub-conscious habits; Traditions of making passed down from family; Hobbies you do not associate with money; Rituals you create for yourself; Things you’re doing to keep occupied; Latent talent; 

Knowledge you know you have

College degree; Short learning course; DIY; Your job; Skills training acquired on the job;

Knowledge you don’t know you have

Internal dialogue; Self-reflection; Self-motivation; Reading for self-improvement; Reading for financial improvement; Reading for DIY; Intuitive rituals; Things you read about by choice not obligation;

How do you reconcile those to create a Skill Set?

If you don’t know what to do, here’s a fun example:

Use an English Lit degree and (perhaps?) your obsession with DIY and organising to write a free blog tailored toward moms, single professionals and cleaning services. Monetise it with ads and build out your following. Once your writing is well recognised you can start contributing to other sites as an expert or creative writer. You might be inspired to write a book. Podcast or speak on radio or TV about your writing and your blog. That’s a tall order without having to spend money on any courses.

Combine your known skill (college degree) and your ‘unknown’ skill/knowledge (reading, researching, hunting and gathering information, compartmentalising, list-making, organising, curiosity, an inquiring mind) to create a skill set.

Your skill set will be: Creative Writing, Blogging, Researching, Entrepreneurship.

Job title (or Slash Worker if you prefer): Creative Writer/Blogger/Researcher/ Editor/Entrepreneur.

Don’t switch careers because you think you need to do what everyone’s else is doing just to find a job. What’s good for one person, may not be good for another. Save your cash and invest in the skills that are already in front of you and see where it takes you. 

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