Moving out of the city in order to travel back there.

A few months ago I moved out of the city centre after 8 years and 7 months. It was fun to be near the daytime and nighttime spots. I saved fuel because everything was a five minute walk in any direction. Full-time employed work was literally around the corner and down the road. Then everything changed when I became a full-time freelancer and started working from home.

It was great not having to answer to a manager. I got a Flat White whenever I wanted without letting everyone know and getting them coffee too. I was getting more work than I anticipated. Clients were kept happy as I was delivering great work and on time. The phone kept ringing and before long I was working a nine to sixteen hour day. I was rolling in it and very grateful. But frustration set in steadily. I started becoming resentful and irritated by the smallest transgressions. I became physically exhausted from churning out work and I wasn’t leaving my apartment as often anymore. Even though I lived in a spacious penthouse apartment with a 180 degree view of beautiful Table Mountain to Signal Hill, I was getting cabin fever and resentful of the noise and pollution. It wasn’t enough to just go for a bike ride or socialise in between. I wasn’t finding balance and it was a cycle I needed to break. 

I thought the only option was to uproot myself and travel in order to make a change. Freelance income was great but I never hustled to get overseas and made the ‘no money’ excuse when actually there was enough money. I just didn’t want to go to extremes to make a change. I needed to understand why so I got in my car.

Downtime on weekends was often reserved for road trips up the west coast of our city. Beautiful and still mostly undeveloped, its the kind of coastline I prefer – not much people and even less tourists. The remoteness of some of the homes I was photographing was starting to resonate with me. I didn’t need to live in the city centre – I wasn’t leaving my apartment for work anymore because everything was done remotely. There was my solution.

After my last road trip, I listed my apartment and moved out two months later. I kept what I needed and sold what I didn’t. By that time I had found a small apartment on the west coast side and started to get to know my new neighbourhood. New faces, new landscape and a different weather system. Its laidback and peaceful, and I’m still loving it.

There are some things I miss about my life in the City. To keep things balanced, I’ve committed to taking meetings there once a week. Its an excuse for a road trip, to put in face time with clients and sightsee the City like I’m a tourist.

Any change is good for mind and body. Look at what you have or what is already at your disposal. Enhance your environment or make space for someone else to occupy it so you can move on to another.

Moving out here was the change I needed and the cheapest vacay with no checkout time.

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