The Searcher and The Striver

Which one are you?

The Searcher is generous

You are non-judgemental. When you search for answers it means you don’t think you know everything. When you encounter others who are searching, especially for the same things, you are more likely to share your discoveries with them. 

The Striver is competitive

You are a hustler and its a 24/7 job. You are searching with a vengeance. Its all about getting to the finish line and claiming the prize you think you are entitled to. You will do whatever it takes even if it means faking generosity in order to achieve it.

The Searcher is collaborative

When you meet others who are searching for the same things you empathise and join them, to give and receive support. Your goal is to be part of a solution that benefits more than just you.

The Striver is selfish

You can camouflage yourself amongst a few but your focus is single-minded and your goal is usually only for your benefit. Its about wanting, not about giving and receiving.

The Searcher is inclusive

You are not insecure about your inadequacies, so you include as many as possible You don’t use your abilities to out manouveur or belittle when you perceive weakness.

The Striver domineers

You are judge others and you judge yourself just as harshly. Over-achieving leaves you paranoid of getting left behind or ignored. The only way for you to avoid being rejected is to have dominance over a situation or another person. This is exercised through the control or belittling of another person. Winning is everything.

I’ve found Searchers to be wealthier not only in spirit, but in monetary terms as well. Good karma seems to flow their way!

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