How I learnt to love design again.

Not too long ago as a designer, I didn’t know how to do a lot of things:

  • I didn’t have a voice.
  • I didn’t have a point of view.
  • I didn’t know what was ‘nice’ and what was shit.

What made me love design again was looking at things that did not blatantly embrace perfectionism. The most important one being doodling!

Doodling democratizes creatitvity. Doodling takes the edge off drawing.

Now I can communicate an idea visually without worrying about being ‘brilliant’. With doodling its never that serious. Now I find scamping layouts or ideas for a logo design a lot less intimidating. Doodling is drawing with real personality. You get to be authentic and have a voice. Its helped me get ideas down quickly and confidently without being self-conscious. Design is a confidence game and a vehicle for self-expression anyway and doodling involves both those things, we’re just not conscious of it. I haven’t been doodling randomly on post-its or paper napkins. I’ve elevated it to legitimate drawing by putting it in a sketchbook. Not the elitist moleskin kind. Just a low-cost black journal that allows me to document a daily practice. A practice we now know as sketchbooking and its all over the place! I’ve had many sketchbook students of mine tell me how much it has influenced the design in a positive way and even helped them ideate a new business creative business venture.

So try to show up on that blank page everyday. I know its hard. But take the pressure off and just start. The rest unfolds easily once you take the perfection out of the equation!

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