Growing as a Solopreneur

Stay on track with a daily routine and basic marketing 

The reality of being the boss and having to make the product yourself too, can be overwhelming. Follow these basics to keep you on track everyday.

Daily planner – digital or analog

Whether you’re into a digital or analog version, checking off a to-do list keeps you accountable and the wheels moving forward, and it makes everything feel more doable. Less chance of you forgetting to do a client revert or to service that Macbook!

Outsource and automate

Just because you don’t have staff, doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to help when you need it. Outsource and create paid work for someone who would be happy to help. Build up a healthy network by sending business to another entrpreneur or freelancer. 

Get to know your customer

Your customer is not everybody even though you might assume you’re open for business to anyone who’s willing to pay for your services. Get specific about what type of product you offer. If you’re not sure review the projects you’ve enjoyed working on or the type of work you’ve accepted over a period of time. That paints a picture of what your actual product is ie. what type of product you specialise in. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, are you one that specialises in logo design or UI design? Both deal with the same graphic design methodologies but one deals specifically with print while the other digital. So your target audience is either a business needing a new logo design and corporate stationery. Or a web developer who needs a designer to create icons for a client’s website. It’ll give you a clearer picture of who you need to target. 

Connect with everyone – locally

I’m a firm advocate for supporting local business first. You know your community’s socio-economic culture so promoting a product or service becomes a easier because its closer to your point of reference.

Connect with everyone – globally

Build out your local clientele with online customers as well. This is where it gets exciting as it forces you out of your comfort zone, grows your network and exposes you to new markets. Not to mention greater earning potential.

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